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Winding Down Tips for Post-Holiday Self Care

· Essential Oils
The truth is, Self Care is not always spa days and treating yo self

Buttttt, you'll be surprised by how much it helps. Take some time after hectic holiday times for yourself. Here's some of my favorites you can try:
- Read a book. Lately I've been reading Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, which has given me a lot of insight and healing.
- Journal about what lessons you're grateful for.. This time of year is great to reflect on where you've come in the last year. I don't mean the promotion you did or didn't get, or financial success; I mean how you've grown as a person. How your mindset has changed. And heck, maybe you've done the ultimate act of self care this year and cut a person or two out of your life!

- Take a social media detox

- Take a bath with 1-2 cups of Epsom salt + Sandalwood, which studies show may support healthy cells |link| or another calming oil |link| before bedtime to soothe the skin, detox, and reduce stress.
- Practice sitting in stillness for a few moments, focusing on your breathing. Deeply inhaling an oil beforehand can help calm the mind & body. My favorite to use before yoga or meditation is Frankincense. And pssssttt... Frankie is free this month. Check out the benefits here: |link|
- Dance it out. Don't worry about what you look like and remember how much you danced as a child! We were meant to have fun and tapping into your inner child does great things for your mental well-being.

I shared these tips recently in Peace & Plants, my weekly online newsletter, and I wanted to post in here for everyone to reference easier. If you're not yet subscribed to my emails, click on the link below

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