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Rewriting the Script

Last week I was MIA due to sickness.
Not like your typical runny nose, cough sickness, but the kind of sickness that makes you question your entire existence. Fever, migraine, the whole bit hit me like a train late Saturday night.
When we're sick, it's so easy to go into a negative place. At one point I even said aloud, "WHY ME?" That's when I realized I was playing the victim in my own narrative. And right then I made the decision to flip the script and truly ask myself why it is that I'm sick. After all, nothing is by accident.
I replayed the week before in my head to look at where I neglected my self care and I discovered I really hadn't been mindful towards myself and my own needs at all lately.
While I usually practice every day, I had only done yoga twice outside of teaching that week. 
I hadn't taken mindful moments for myself throughout the day and had neglected my meditation practice altogether.
The thoughts I was telling myself were primarily made up of criticism and self-doubt. 
I was rushing the process.
Our bodies are not separate from nature. Just as Frankincense trees need a resting period in order to sustainably harvest this beautiful oil for its therapeutic benefits, we too need a period of introspection and rest. For more about the ethical sourcing of Frankincense, one of my top oils for meditation, click here.
All in all, last week was an opportunity, leaving me with a renewed sense of appreciation for my body, and the practices that keep my body healthy, which I know was just the shift in perspective I needed to value what my body is capable of. 
So often we don't appreciate what we have until its gone, and our health is no different.
So, this is your remind to take 5 minutes for yourself and allow time to sloooowww down BEFORE your body forces you to.

I talk more about what practices I did and what oils I used to get back on my feet in my private education group, Sister Essentials. One of the best parts of being apart of doTERRA is by far the community of support and education.
If you are a team member, click the button below to watch my live video.
If you're not yet apart of our oily community, click here to see how you can get started.
 Fever Essentials

Basically, don't be afraid to treat yo self.

After all, we have nothing without our health!

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