What do you think of when you think energy? Do you imagine something like this?

Or maybe more of a visual like this?

Energy is such a dynamic subject.
Energy is what we think of when we think of what gets us through the day or motivated to move our bodies.
Energy is the food we eat and the beverages we drink.
Energy is the sun, shining on the earth and nourishing the plants that provide us with food for us and animals.
Energy makes up every living and non-living thing in the universe

That's why we're talking about it this month in Free Spirit Fam [link]. 
This is especially appropriate as we head into the month of February, one we tend to associate with LOVE - one of the highest energy emotions on the Emotional Guidance Scale from Abraham Hicks: [link]
For more of a visual, here's how you can imagine the energy you put out based on what your emotions are
 One pracitce I encourage you to try this month is to take time out of your morning or evening routine and find 3 thing you're grateful for. When we're in lower vibrational emotions, appreciation is one of the quickest ways to improve our energy on a noticeable level, and in ways you may not see right away. But trust me when I say.. it's a GAME CHANGER. 
Apply some Spikenard, the oil of gratitude, to the bottoms of your feet before your journal, take some mindful deep breaths, and feel the shifts happen in your being. 
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