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A Quick Glimpse

at how much has changed in a year

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I think it’s very easy for each of us to look at where someone is and think there’s something special about them, that they were born with a certain skill or mindset that we just missed, that they are where they are because they got lucky or that circumstances fell into place for them. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last couple of years is that this is not true for any single one of us.

My dōTERRA anniversary was 3 years ago. I can with honesty say that at that time, I cared a whole lot what others thought of me. I over-analyzed each post I made on social media and each encounter I had, afraid of being judged or misunderstood in my intentions. I instantly fell in love with dōTERRA’s oils but it took me nearly two years to truly love and appreciate the business opportunity and financial freedom at my fingertips, for the primary reason that I was scared of others' perceptions of me if I were to go all in. As the saying goes, "we see things not as they are, but as we are." I started off thinking I was in this business, when I was really just sharing as a hobby and not taking the action steps I needed to be doing to truly be building a residual income for myself. I hit the rank of Premier (supplement income of around $500-$800 per month, not yet income replaceable) after around a year and a half. I remained at that rank for 15 consecutive months. I’m not sure about anyone else, but if I’m not progressing, I get discouraged. This is why so many people are miserable in their jobs; where there is no room for growth and expansion. In the beginning, I wasn’t bought in fully because it was much easier to blame other people, to blame my life circumstances, to think that others just had it easier. I told myself I was too busy, that I’d already tapped into everyone I knew, that I was too damaged, that I was too young for people to take me seriously, and on and on the thoughts went. Some of my relationships suffered because of my mindset and these destructive thoughts, but primarily it was the relationship with myself and my thoughts that was hurting me.

"We see things not as they are, but as we are." - Anaïs Nin

I’m not sure what it was, but something told me in December of 2017 that I needed to look inward. That I needed to lean in to what it was that I truly wanted out of life and what was holding me back from accomplishing those things. I got a Law of Attraction planner (which are amazing btw), I mapped out the things I was passionate about, my limiting beliefs surrounding what it is I wanted to do, and I decided to go all in with dōTERRA. I remember making the decision and afterward feeling this overwhelming sense of God, the universe, my own inner guidance just encompassing me in love and feeling aligned with my higher purpose. It was a decision I will never forget and one I continue to thank myself for. I still remained at that rank for another 11 months. I didn’t have a huge change in physical appearance, and I wasn’t able to quit my day job right away, but the ultimate change brought about by making the decision and changing my perspective was the shift I’ve had internally. If everyone could only see the internal changes I’ve experienced, nobody would doubt that this journey is worth it.. worth stepping out of my comfort zone for, and worth what others may say or think about me.

This post isn’t just about me and my inner exploration. It’s about all of us, who each have a purpose here on earth, who each have a dream we may be scared to pursue because of fear, judgments from others, harsh judgement of ourselves, or because of past traumas and experiences that are holding us back. We are all born believing in ourselves and somewhere along the way we lose that, or it is slowly taken from us in one form or another. None of us gave up crawling, or standing, or walking just because we fell down a few times. It took me 11 months from when I made my decision to rank advance and that month, by the grace of God and my amazing dōTERRA community, I double rank advanced from Premier to Silver to Gold. This all fell into place in order to allow me to share these life-changing natural solutions as my full time gig at the start of this year.
I look back and know that each and every obstacle, each and every frustrating moment, and even the mindset I had in the beginning all led me to this place. No matter what happens along my journey, I will always be grateful to myself for deciding not to play small.

This photo was taken at doTERRA's 2019 Leadership Retreat, where you must be Silver or above to qualify. Last year, I wanted so badly to be there and this year I was blessed to go with my sister, who also qualified.

I wrote this on the car ride back as I was feeling inspired by all that was poured into us

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